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All You Need To Know About Colors Is Right Here.
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What Color Blocks Your Appetite?
What room color Makes Babies Cry More?
What color has a Healing Effect?

Feel Happy, Be Confident 
and boost your life!

What would using YOUR colors do? 

Well, it would change your life, like it changed mine! 

I used to be all the time in black... and when I started using colors, I started breathing better, being more energetic, looking younger and I even was told that I became more approachable because of my colors!

Are you ready to discover YOUR right undertone...
feel  energetic, 
reduce your wrinkles, 
make your teeth appear whiter 
and let your face shine?

I hope you are because colors will bring life to your life!

"Your Best Colors"
Find out if you have green or blue veins and get your undertone color palette...instantly!
Today you will get two palettes... WARM and COOL. 
Your color palette and your opposite one. Why?

Your color palette to keep with you at all time so you can make the right choices of colors when shopping. 
And your opposite color palette so that you DO NOT buy or wear the colors that will drain you and make your face look fade! 

No place to go wrong here...
Perfect, isn't it?

"The first step in a change..."

Let YOUR colors renew YOU!

Colors are your messengers!

Colors speak! 

They send messages to the subconscious mind....

They project a feeling to the people around you.

They send messages to you too! 

The messages vary with the colors themselves as well as with the colors combinations...

Did you know you can reverse negative feelings with colors?

How are you using YOUR colors?

"When NOT to use certain colors"

Watch out when you wear the wrong color or combination...!
Your outcome can be at stake...

1- Your Color can make you loose your temper easily in certain situations..
2- Others can perceive you as not in control and very bossy!

"How To Look Fresh In seconds..."
Check your veins and click the button!

Start using your colors as soon as you download them!

You can print them or save them on your phone. 

Use your Colors when shopping, when picking your hair color or your nails color.

Use your Colors for your home and your accessories.

Use your color to project confidence in your work.

Use your colors to look stunning on a date.

Use  your colors to look thinner.

Use your colors to suppress your appetite.

Use your colors to breathe better!!!

"Color your life..."
And project the confident, radiant, beautiful person you are on the inside!!

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"Bring your life back to life!"
In fact...
"Start Using 'Your WOW Colors' right now..."
Use them to BE Everything you dream of being, like:
"Bring your life back to life!"
In fact...
"Start Using Your WOW Colors..."
Use them to BE Everything you dream of being, like:
  • Looking attractive
  • ​Being Happy
  • Loving Yourself
  • Getting Your Career Move
  • ​Feeling Great
  • ​Being Alive
  • ​Astonishing Your Date
  • ​​Being Energized
  • Feeling Confident
  • ​Projecting Confidence
  • Looking Younger
  • Attracting opportunities
  • Putting Zest In Your Couple's Life
30+ Years as a Fashion Designer & Coach

Why should you listen to me?

Well, because I have 30+ Years of experience in helping women look and feel confident!

Because I worked with prestigious Couture Houses like Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Nina Ricci before opening my own "Janine Asmar Couture".

Because I helped and worked with women from the four corners of the world and can make you bring out your unique strength and beauty in your appearance.

Because, I studied, researched, experienced, gathered and applied all the tricks, tips and advices on the "Impact of Image'" and helped thousands of clients come out of their shelves.

Because I have taught women how to use optical illusions to feel great in their bodies... including looking thinner without dieting!

Because my mission has always been and still is to help women, look and feel confidently attractive!

Because today, I would love to start this precious beauty journey with you! 

A world of possibilities to Alejandra...
"You opened a world of possibilities on how I can express myself without losing my own identity! I can't thank you enough Janine!" 
                     -Alejandra A.-
Laura tried her colors and this is what she said...
Thank you Janine, I now save time and money and shop with confidence knowing my complementary colors"
-Laura B.-
When You Get Your Palette Of "COLORS"
(For Just $27)
You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!
Bonus #1 How to Use Your Colors Video
"How Do Colors affect you?"
Total Value: $97
What are the hidden messages in colors?
How to use colors to back up your message?
What color combination makes you look taller and thinner?
And much more...
Get This For FREE When You Order 'My Colors' Today! 
Bonus #2 - What Does Your Image say About You?
"How and Why People Judge You?"
Total Value: $97
Why are First Impressions important?
How and why people judge you?
How can you control your Image?
How do people perceive you?
Get This For FREE When You Order 'My Colors' Today! 
Bonus #3 - Your Universal Color Palette
"Colors For All Undertones
Guide To Your Wardrobe!"
Total Value: $67
You cannot go wrong with these colors...
They are neutrals and 
look good on everybody!
You will also find in here a precious
guideline on HOW to use your basics, 
lights and accent colors.
Extremely helpful!

Get This For FREE When You Order 
'Your Undertone Color palette' Today! 
Bonus #4 - Colors Summary List
"The Cheat Sheet For Colors!"
Total Value: $47
All you need to know about the 9 main colors 
is right here in this cheat sheet... all the cons and pros.
Hang it in your closet and never wear the wrong color again! 

Get This For FREE When You Order 
'Your Undertone Color palette' Today! 
Let's spread this... and help more women around the world!

I've spent all my life helping women on how to look great so they can feel confident.

Now, with the internet, I can help more women around the world

I make it my mission to show you the power of appearance and how to use it to your advantage!

Now it is up to you!

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Next time you ask for your Color palette, you will not be able to have all the bonuses!

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Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee

If you do not think that having your colors can help you look and feel good.

If you do not want to use your colors for better color choices.

If you do not learn anything from my videos.

If you think all the tips, info and colors I gave you are not valuable.

I will refund you your money, within 14 days of your purchase, no question asked!

You Must Act Fast!
Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get today When You Order Your Color Palettes.
YES Janine! Give Me Instant Access To My Color Palettes  RIGHT NOW For Just $27 !
  Instant Access To Warm & Cool Palettes  (Value $94)
  Instant Access "To How to use Your Colors?" Video (Value $97)
  Instant Access "What Does YourImage Say?"  (Value $97)
  Instant Access The Universal Color Palette  (Value $67)
  Instant Access To The Colors Summary List  (Value $47)
Total Value: $402
Today Just $27
Use your colors, be happy and make a difference in your life!

Thanks again,
Janine Asmar
P.S. I care about living and spreading happiness and I hope you do too! 
YES! Give Me Instant Access To 'My Colors' RIGHT NOW For Just $27 !
 Step #1: Contact Information
 Step #2: Checkout
Everything Your Going To Get
  • Instant Access To 2 Palettes        (Value $94)
  • Instant Access To Colors Video   (Value $97)
  • Instant Access To Image Video    (Value $97)
  • ​Access To Universal Colors+ Guide (Value $120)
  • ​​Access To The Colors Cheat Sheet (Value $47)
Total Value: $455
Today Just $27

ONE TIME OFFER - Only $47: How different a same color can be when it is COOL or WARM? Can you show me the same color in 4 different seasons? Absolutely! Here are 54 beautiful clarifying pictures on colors, the 4 seasons and details about the 6 main most used colors in the world!! You will also get key tips on how and when to use these colors! It is the first time I EVER offer my precious pictures to the public and for this small price I must be crazy! But for the time being, it is yours to keep... enjoy them and make the best of them!

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